The best way to be able to decide to purchase a property in Spain, is choosing the right company for you and the page will be always available for what your are looking for, from the moment you start looking, to the very important feedback.

If you find what you are looking for with us, that you really like , when you know exactly the first moment " that's the one" . It may be the house you have dreamed before traveling to Spain or maybe something else entirely. As long as you have entered into the state, the location and the price andyou have a good feeling about it, then you have finally made the right decision.

That's why we're here for you!

The objects that we provide is security for you , the buyer , in the center. In fact, at our second hand properties great importance to comprehensive testing, the legal situation , the availability of the correct documents and that the price is reasonable in relation to the quality and condition of the property .

We are proud of the ethic work and believe that we are not the only ones who hate "surprises".

Taking advantages of our experience and knowledge of real estate values , sales, local areas , buildings , conversions, and most importantly the Spanish legislation were acquired. service

With an experienced staff, our goal is to help you to make the correct decision to buy a property in Spain . To do this, we offer the following services:

1. A leisurely one property and areas in your language course.
2. A complete investment advice and answers to all your questions regarding legal issues , financial and structural engineering purchasing and living in Spain .
3. Translation and explanation of the purchase agreement of the house.
4. Opening a bank account in your name .
5. Preparation of mortgages and tax identification number (NIE )
6. Controls of regular buildings with details about the progress of the photos of the property, etc. Controls of regular buildings with details about the progress of the photos of the property, etc.

Booking a property

If you have found the property you want to buy , we have to withdraw from the market , to have the option of buying. If we pay the owners of the property a deposit, you must sign a document which you have given the option to purchase the property.

Having taken the first step , we will do all the necessary checks on the property with the relevant authorities to ensure that the property you are buying is perfectly legal and unburdened .

In the event that an abnormality is discovered in the property, worked as a deposit will be refunded to the buyer. termination

The purchase is made at the presence of a Spanish notary, in which the buyer and seller sign the deed ( deed of sale ) . The notary is a official state record of their work, the contract will be signed and the buyer and seller will be aware of their tax obligations allowed . He will ensure that all legal requirements are met and the money is paid upon completion.

If you can not be able to get to the end to buy in Spain , we can make arrangements to ensure that the writing will be signed in its name. This ,with a letter , which can be issued on your next visit to Spain , or even on your own notary in Germany is required. We advise you in this regard . Sales contract and the search of his apartment

After the termination occurs and you have become the owner of the property, we can register the property at the Land Registry in order to become the new legal owner. The Land Registry will notify us as soon as the bill of sale can be collected, it usually takes two to three months from the signing of the deed . Services of public services

We make the new record for the services of public utilities (electricity , water, telephone , irrigation water , property taxes for the house and land , etc. ) on your behalf and entered the Orders from the debit charge into your Spanish account.

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