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"Mi Casa en España" ONE service ONE name

You want to sell your house? - We already know to whom!

"Mi Casa en España" is a young company founded by Jacqueline Brauner in 2013. But there are many years of experience behind the name. Within a few months, due to the steadily increasing clientele, the real estate office expands, so that not only German, English and Spanish but now also  French speakers are included in the portfolio. "Mi Casa en España" is proud of its versatility.
Your service not only includes the sale and rental of real estate, but also includes many other services:
- Taxes for non-residents
- Implementation of legalizations
-New projects and remodeling work
Handlings for inheritances -Apply for the NIE -Changes concerning the land registry - habitability (Licencia de la segunda ocupación) certificate of end of construction (Final de obra)
Energy certificate- certificate of seniority (older than 5 years) -A value analysis of the house who wants to sell his house, should be aware of to offer his property at a realistic price. For many older properties, the owner is still starting from the boom prices, but the market has changed in the meantime, the supply of real estate is greater than the demand. Do not hesitate to contact "Mi Casa en España", without any "toggle contract" and with a good consultation you will certainly agree, because it is always bought and sold.

The beauty of "Mi Casa en España" is also taking care of the customer after the purchase. Also, you can rent your property after the purchase through "Mi Casa en España" and be looked after. Let our experienced team advise you.

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